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論題:Returns from collaboration in knowledge creation (joint with Tomoya Mori and Shosei Sakaguchi)

要旨:This paper shows evidence for a microeconomic mechanism of collaborative knowledge creation proposed by Berliant and Fujita (2008) using the panel data of patent development in Japan. Researchers communicate via common knowledge, and innovate by utilizing differentiated knowledge of each other. A longer duration of collaboration between a pair of researchers increases their common knowledge which at the same time accumulates differentiated knowledge between them and the rest of the researchers. Facing polyadic interactions, individual researchers collectively determine the set of collaborators to interact, and hence the fraction of time a researcher spends with each of her collaborators, so as to optimize the composition of common and differentiated knowledge between a given researcher and each of her collaborators. We also show additional evidence for creative destruction, positive influence of local spillovers as well as transport accessibility.


論題:Agglomeration, networking and organizational capability in academic research


発表者(1)笹原彰(University of Idaho)


発表者(2)Gilles Duranton(University of Pennsylvania)