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世話人: 文世一 (京都大学大学院経済学研究科) [HP]
森知也 (京都大学経済研究所) [HP]
松島格也 (京都大学大学院工学研究科) [HP]
山本和博 (大阪大学大学院経済学研究科)
松尾美和 (神戸大学経済経営研究所) [HP]

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論題:Impacts of high-speed rail construction on urban agglomerations: Evidence from Kyushu in Japan (with Yasuhiro Sato)

要旨:High-speed rail integrates regions and cities, and thus can possibly have significant impacts on the distribution of economic activities. Using the opening and extensions of a high-speed rail, Shinkansen, in Kyushu, Japan, we examine its effects on the distribution of economic activities across urban agglomerations. We focus on changes in land prices and estimate hedonic price equations to conduct a difference-in-difference analysis. We find that the large metropolitan areas gained from the high-speed rail by experiencing increases in land prices, whereas small metropolitan areas located between them lost by experiencing decreased land prices. However, such positive effects are shown to be limited to areas close to Shinkansen stations.


論題:External benefits of geographical concentration of firms with trade network (with Kentaro Nakajima and Kosuke Shoda)


発表者:Seungjae Lee(University of Seoul)

論題:Sustainable forms of Seoul Metro systems based on big data analytics